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Welcome to the ExcelKing!

Always wanted to get more out of Microsoft Excel but you’re not able to do it?

You came to the right place!
At ExcelKing.com you can get all the help you need on improving your Excel sheets with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macro automation, slick layouts, monkey-proof user interfaces etc.

We create Excel based solutions for budgetting, reporting, calculations,
what you like.

Use your imagination
Excel can do anything. You’ve probably seen examples from colleagues, other companies or competitors using Excel to the max. And you’re stuck with boring repetitive tasks, hard-to-read reports, inconsequent budgets, error-sensitive calculations and so on. Give us your ideas on improvement and we will arrange it!

ExcelKing.com will bill you only what you can save. And your earnback-time is always six months! Together we you we make an estimate of your savings and bill you accordingly. A garantueed return on investment-time of six months! Read more >>

Source for information
Apart from our services, ExcelKing.com is a great source for free Excel-related information, books and training material for the do-it-yourself ExcelPrince!

Plus, take a look at our free Excel stuff to help you get on your way!

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