Laws of the Excel Kingdom

Terms of service

How we work
The ExcelKing mainly provides his services via the web. If necessary, we travel to your site and do our work on location. In this case all travel expenses will be charged to you. So by using the web as our collaboration platform, you already save money.

Based on project scope and your wishes, we will staff the project team with certain roles (not necessarily more people): project leader, analist, designer, developer, tester, trainer. Mostly this is handled by the same person. However, the average project doesn’t need much of this overhead.

One thing the ExcelKing team always does, is provide documentation. We take our time for it, because in the long run it’s beneficial for you and us.

Source code
The application that we create is ‘open source’: you will have access to the VBA code (if we use any). We can even train you on how to modify the application yourself, if requested.

The unique payment model

How does it work?
We want you to have an earnback time of your investment of 6 months. So the money that you can save or the extra revenue that you make in 6 months, because of automating a specific task or process, determines our price.

In getting the assigment agreement right, you have to supply us with these savings/revenues specifications. We have the right to make a counteroffer if we think the price offered is not high enough. We have the right to refuse an assignment if we cannot agree on the price or other terms.

Calculation model
Off course we made a calculation sheet for you to calculate your earnings/savings! Click here to download it (coming soon).

Terms of payment
Payment terms

50% in advance. When we agree on the scope of the project and you say go, then an invoice will be send. We start working after receiving the payment.

50% on go live / delivery. The moment of delivery will be clearly stated in our agreement. At this point we send our second invoice which we expect to be paid immediately.

Longer projects, more installments. If the project is ‘big’ (to be determined by you and us), we could agree on for example 4 terms of 25% each.

Guarantee period
There is a guarantee period of 30 calendar days after go live / delivery for bugs and other malfunctions.

Post go live support
Post go live support will be charged on an hourly bases at the rate of € 100 per hour excluding tax. When travelling is required we will charge you these costs also.

For the support we have several payment models:

  1. Prepaid card: you buy 10 hours and pay  € 800
  2. Payment in advance: blocks of 15 minutes, € 25 each